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Day 10- Bell gorge-Mt Barnet road house

Got up and got going for Bell gorge first thing. Reasonably easy walk in with just a few loose rocks and then we were at the bottom of the water fall. We were the first ones there so had it to ourselves for 20 minutes before the people rushed in. Had a great swim and went under the water fall. Next stop, Adcock Gorge. Not the busiest or the best advertised but one of the best in my opinion. Perfect swimming hole, lots of fish and a water fall covered in greenery. 4wd track in was pretty torn up so that added to the run. Finally, Galvans gorge was the last swim for the day. Another epic water fall and swimming hole with a rope swing up in a tree to jump in the water. Camped up at mount barnet road house while we waited and hope the road was opening soon. Butter chicken for dinner.

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