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Day 12- Barnet River- Barnet gorge

It was a slow morning waiting for a road update. Went back to adcock and then Galvans gorge again. Had a play with the throw net and then had a swim. Headed back to mount barnet, I went down to look at the river, still at about 1 metre with reasonable flow. Was pretty comfortable doing it so decided to go as we were sick of mount barnet campground and this noisy family across from us. Made it through fine. Pretty cool, we are now here semi alone ahead of the crowds. Some poor buggers we spoke to had been stuck between Durack and barnet river for 2 weeks as they hadn’t got the memo about weather. Went into to barnet gorge for a walk. Not a super popular one but worthwhile for sure. Great walk along the water, a couple water falls and plenty of animal life. Back at the camp ground all alone, can hear the water rushing by in the background. Great stars out. Chilli con carne for dinner.

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