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Day 13- Drysdale- Mitchell Falls

Drove off in the morning for Drysdale. Crossed the hann river first, it had strong flow but not very high. Met someone at kalamburu turn off rest that had been stuck there for over 2 weeks after caravan subframe snapped. Waiting on tow truck since then, not fun. Continued on to Drysdale station. Filled up with petrol, got a bit of intel about the roads and had a pie. Left Drysdale for king Edward river camp ground but decided to kick on to Mitchell falls as we were making good time. Turned out to be a good call as we are ahead of the crowd by half a day. Camp ground about 10% full, pretty special for peak season. Roads are all open now, I would imagine it will be hell tommorow in here. Road in was fine, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Lots of rocks that are a danger to your tyres and quite windy but I didn’t find it very rough . After all it’s very remote national park, lucky to have access at all. This is where we met chatter box bob that would prove to be a pita for next couple days. Chilli con carne for dinner and tea with scotch fingers. Birds are going crazy flapping around all night.

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