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Day 14- Mitchall Falls-Drysdale

went for a walk to mitchall falls in the morning, it said 6 hours, easily 3 hours, even 2 for the fit and able. Chose not to take the helicopter flight as that sorta thing doesn’t float my boat for the price. Glad I didn’t, found an incredible spot on a flat rock over looking the falls. All 3 falls on the walk were mint. Little Mertens was very calm and a great swimming hole. Big mertens were viewed from above and was a huge vertical drop following into a narrow gorge system. Finally mitchall falls was breathtaking. A few water falls in series with pools at the bottom of each. Just massive, the water flow was so powerful. Left around 12, stopped at king Edward river for a swim. Found an old camera in the water, Sd card still had data on it, in the proccess of the tracking the guy down. Went past an indigenous art work site, incredible rock art. There was the symbol the mob in the area are still using along with other open to interpretation depictions of animals and people. The art had been very well preserved and clear. Definitely reccomend. Back to Drysdale river station for a beer and satay chicken for dinner. Bob followed all day ffs.

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