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Day 15- Drysdale-Home valley

Left Drysdale in the morning after buying fuel and a couple books. Drove about 2 hours to Ellenbrae station for scones and a toastie. Was very good. But dissapointing we couldn’t drive around to the stations attractions as we weren’t staying overnight. I thought stopping for food is part of the package. Continued driving to home valley station about another 2 hours away. Road condition was pretty poor, worst of the trip. Absolutely epic drive coming through the cockburn ranges. Made it to home valley station and got a spot down by the river. Stood down by the water playing with the throw net while others fished. Getting good at it, got a few big mullet. Had satay chicken for dinner. Did a bit of diagnosing on the car as it was squealing, knackered idler pulley. Tent bolt sheared off aswell so having to be very delicate for now.

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