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Day 17- zebedee springs and EQ gorge

Got up nice and early to head out to zebedee springs. They are geothermal pools where the water stays around 24 degrees. We got there not long after it opened and it was already packed out. Nice, but way to busy to enjoy. Definitely one that needs doing outside of school holidays. Next stop was al questro gorge. To get there we had to cross through deep water. Water flooded in through the door seals pretty badly unfortunately, so have been drying out the car since. Gorge was incredible. Definitely my favourite gorge I have ever been to. The water fall and pool at the end was magnificent. We were ahead of the crowd so we had the fall to ourselves for a good 20 minutes which added to the serenity. The entire walk was rain Forrest like with ferns and other greenery wrapping the high walls of the narrow gorge. Also found a brown tree snake when I climbed the water fall. After stopping by camp for another beer and some lunch, next gorge was Amelia. Amelia is much more open and a whole different land scape. It ended up in a large pool with a very high water fall. No time for a swim in this one as day light was getting away. Back to camp, chilli con carne for dinner and off to bed.

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