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Day 18- El questro- Wyndham

Day 18- El questro has been fantastic. The camp ground sucked, packed in like sardines with shitty kids, but all the gorges and walks were excellent. Final one was Emma gorge, 5 minutes up the road from main turn off. Was a very enjoyable walk, not too difficult as it stayed quite flat. The end opened up to another pool with a water fall. It had ferns coming down the side of it. Reminded me of one of those green sky scrapers. Had a great swim and then headed back. Dropped my sunnies along the way but luckily found them when I backtracked. Saw an awesome big golden snake on the way back. Next we made our way to Wyndham. First stop at the grotto, very scenic and a great swimming hole. Next we took the old halls creek track towards parry lagoon. Highly recommend this track, great driving and plenty spots to explore. Marlgu Billabong at parry lagoon is definitely one of the best highlights of my trip so far. Far out I have never seen so many birds before in my life. Living together, loving life, chirping and quacking away. I sat there for 30 minutes just watching and listening. Awesome experience. Finally got moving for Wyndham, went up to 5 rivers lookout (breathtaking, rivers are massive), went to see the big croc, drove through the old port and then sat on the jetty fishing with the locals. Wyndham really impressed me and doesn’t deserve its bad rep, at least from what I saw. Lovely day. Drove to a riverside spot 70km east at sun set, I have never seen so many kangaroos, 100s and 100s. Beauty is that they are so small up here compared to home so not gonna kill you if you hit one. Chilli con carne for dinner, lots of bugs and lots of crocodiles just below us, we are only 10m from the water so early bed time and toilet breaks will be off the ladder in the night!!!

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