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Day 19- Wyndham-Kunnunara

Spotted a few more big crocs in the morning with the drone. Different perspective on them. Headed towards kunnunara along Parry creek road, a bit more exciting than the highway. Went to Middle Springs and black rock falls on the way, the reflection was wicked at the black rock falls spot. Further along the road came to Ivanhoe crossing. Wide and flowing very fast but not very high, made it over no issues. Finally made it to town and began repairing and restocking. Autopro sorted me out with an idler pulley (thank god because the noise was driving me bonkers), agm deepcycle, switch for compressor and smellies after the carpets got wet. Arb sorted me out with sweet FA. FFS. Story for another day. Then to coles to stock up. Went for a walk out to a  lookout, may of taken wrong trail, got to a radio tower with radiation warnings ordering us to leave immediately. In the afternoon went out to hoocherys distillery for a rum tasting and focaccia with dips. At the end of the day we crossed back over the Ivanhoe and camped up at buttons crossing. Chilli con carne for dinner.

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