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Day 21- Purnululu

Went to the south end of the bungles bungles first. We did all of the walks their first, except for the trek, they are nicely set up so you could do them all in in one. Whip snake gorge ended in a pool with towering cliffs. There was plenty of water in all of them. Cathedral gorge was very quiet and grand (when people shut up). Huge walls, massive flushed sheared of rock. All up about 12km on walking to do that part. Next time I would like to do the multi day hike. I am just not set up for it on this trip. We then headed up to the north end after so me sandwiches. We went to echidna chasm, it was a complete different rock type and you had to walk through very narrow walls. Finally the Osmand lookout, I find it very cool not for what you could see but what you had to imagine. In the osmand range there are small patches of rain Forrest caused by special local climate conditions. Very few people have ever set foot there, with good reason as it is very delicate. In all it was good day, 16km of walking and seen a lot. I do feel the bungles bungles are a little like the pinnacles, make of that what you wish lol. Finally headed out on the track, first bit of night driving. Very rough, we both felt like a rally driver. All the rest stops were overflowing so we managed to find a small stockyard up the road that we hid out the back off. More lamb, gravy and chilli rolls for dinner.

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