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Day 22- Purnululu-keep river national park

Updated: Aug 6

Said good bye to Fred in the morning, fantastic time on the gibb, he was a great guide and lots of information I can pass on. Stopped in Kunnunara for a couple jobs. Washed the car, looks unbelievably different, filled up water, puma road house is the only free spot in town with potable water. Got a phone call saying a brand new tent is awaiting me in Darwin; great news. Went out to lake argyle for a look around, awesomely big but just a lake and busy caravan park. Crossed the NT border, put the clocks forward 1.5 hours, could legally go 130km/h and went into keep river national park. Staying at Jarnem camp ground at the top end of the park. Noddles for dinner. Had a shower with my 12v pump. Lots of bugs

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