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Day 23- Keep river national park

Updated: Aug 5

The gibb was action packed and exciting but a little knackered. Moved every day and did easily 100km of walking in 2 weeks. Time for a holiday within the trip lol. Made 2kg of chilli con carne in the morning (almost, some numnuts forgot to buy beans). Went for morning tea with the oldie volunteer rangers/camp host. They were lovely. Extended my stay another night. Spent the rest of the day pottering around cleaning, organising, reading and just relaxing. Went for a late afternoon walk 8km away once it cooled. I have never seen so many bloody snakes, I saw 6 but heard them every where. Heart rate was up a touch lol. Walked past a big brown on the side of the track. Maybe a taipan. Carbonara for dinner.

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