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Day 25- Gregory NP to Victoria river road house

Updated: Aug 5

Went to view the Bullita home stead in the morning. It is still standing in great condition along with the other structures. You could walk through the homestead and there was heaps of information. None of the old buildings had locks on them or signs so you could walk into all of them. That was really cool, the NT seems to follow a common sense approach to safety. WA would have had them all shut off as theirs a risk of stuff falling. Met an interesting dude from Tasmania, chatted for half an hour about all things life. He invited me to stay with him when I get down there. Left for the next stop, I did the takawam track. 20 km of crawling along limestone, took about 1.5 hours. Was driving through fire in parts as they were burning off. From there smashed it up the Buchanan highway and then back on to Victoria highway. Made it to the road house, use a bit of wifi and had a pint and some noodles for dinner.

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