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Day 27- Kakadu National Park- Kambolgie

Updated: Aug 5

Went through nitmaluk National park as my morning stop. Some epic multi day walks here, definitely on my list next time when I have different gear. For today, just Edith falls and the lilyan trail. Great quick 3km walk, the medang lookout was to die for. Just incredible. The falls up close were great but lots of people. Got going for Kakadu. Really great driving up the kakadu highway. Lots of burning off up here recently so lots of things quite black. Headed to Yurmikmik. Did the creek bed walk and then the lookout on my way through to the long one. Motor car falls. Not a lot of water running down the fall but the rock colour was superb. It was also surrounded by pretty thick greenery and large boulders which was great contrast to the surrounding dry spinifex. Walk said 6 hours, was in and out within 2 without rushing. Stopped up for the night at Kambolgie creek camp site. Nice enough spot but toilets are rank, there is two or three cows/bulls/crocodiles going silly. I’m not sure if they’re making love or fighting but not stop noise for 30 minutes. Cooked up more bake beans and sausage stew. Cup a tea and bed. Finished animal farm, I love the line from the donkey roughly saying why didn’t god just get rid of the flies instead of giving me a tail to keep them away.

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