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Day 28- Kakadu- Kambolgie to Maguk

Updated: Aug 4

1 month in. Nice work. Weet bix and coffee and I was on my way. Phone charger has carked it unfortunately. Hopefully I can find one at next road house. Went to Ikkoymarra falls in the morning (not on the map) the upper walk went to a lovely rocky day area. The lookout was overgrown. The lower falls were spectacular, there was no road sign but managed to find it through wiki camps. The lower falls were definitely the highlight, thick wet greenery leading into a big pool with a stepped water fall. Had a laugh as multiple signs saying saltwater crocs may be in there and then as soon as you get to the water you have to cross the water via semi submerged rocks. Stopped by the ranger station, had some interesting information but again toilets were clogged and gross. Next fern gully rock pool. Again not sign posted or on the map but a narrow 4wd track off the side of the road ended up at water pool with crystal clear water, ferns overhanging and a small water fall.  Continued up to bukuluku trail, a peaceful short walk through the woodlands opened up sweeping views on the valley and distant range. Final stop at Maguk. Set up some gear and reserved my site and then headed for the water falls. Great walk through rain Forrest, river system had an epic contrast with green algae next to clear water. The falls were a little busy but a great swimming hole with crazy spinifex growing out of the sheered face of the cliff. Saw the massons from the 4wd club, they came back to camp for a chat and to share some tips. Butter chicken for dinner and Nutella pancakes for dessert. No tea as too cold to be gumbuing in the night.

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