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Day 29- Kakadu- Maguk to Jim Jim

Updated: Aug 4

Made off around 9 in the morning, missed the massons unfortunately, they had some books for me. Drove up to cooinda lodge. Got some milk and bread from the store plus a new charger. All they had was a big 3.5m one, but beggars can’t be choosers. Walked down to yellow water for a look. Didn’t take a boat tour because it seemed very commercialised but had a nice walk. The flood plains are amazing, it looks like land and grass but in truth it’s semi deep water that you sure don’t want to standing in. The board walk went across some very crocy water, that was fun. To be in the north in wet season would be unbelievably different but probably never accessible. Went to the cultural centre, was good but too noisy and busy for me. They had a theatre room with indigenous stories of country. That was great as I was alone, I watched for half an hour. Around midday drove down to Karnarmarr camp site. Picked my spot, made some lunch and then drove to Jim Jim falls and twin falls. Roads in were fun easy 4wd tracks with plenty of water and soft sand. Jim Jim falls was an epic walk, steep hill on your left covered in shattered rock and eerily still crocy water next to you on the other side. All of this through vine Forrest and rain Forrest species. First attraction at Jim Jim was beach pool. As it sounds, in the end of the gorge there was a large pool with a huge pristine white sand beach. Very special and out of place. The next spot was the falls, not flowing massively but towering up above over 100m. Very peaceful when ppl shut up for 5 seconds. Sausages for dinner, Nutella pancakes for dessert, cup of tea. Finished my first book of the indigenous knowledge series about law, the complexities of it are mind blowing!

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