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Day 30- Jim Jim to sandy billabong

Updated: Aug 4

Had a slow morning, organising washing and tidying up. The road to Jim Jim is fantastic with the ranges in the distance. Unfortunately in the morning they were idiots coming into Jim Jim. All in their shiny new 4wd. Classic case of all the gear and no idea. These idiots were coming round corners on the wrong side of the road going way to fast for gravel. Anyway, continued on about 1 hour to Burrungkuy art site. Walked along a board walk that cut through the large rock formations show casing incredible indigenous rock art. Much of it had been fantastically preserved and the stories were written near them to make sense of them. Went up to a first lookout there and then another, was spoilt all day with views of the Arnhem plateau and green woodlands around it. Went past a billabong aswell where there was an abundance of bird life but very crocy. Had Nutella sambos by the water. Next on to Nanguluwurr art site. I was here all alone, the other was very busy, and there was a lot more art in much better condition at this one. Again there was layers of art that had been stacked over many thousands of years. At this site there was animals, hand prints and dreaming stories. Very sadly someone had vandalised it and the rangers were cleaning it. Out to sandy billabong for the night. a great spot at the end of a 4x4 track. Very peaceful. Starting to get a bit humid. Sausages and pancakes tonight

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