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Day 36- Darwin- Museums

Went by arb in the morning to sort the tent. Didn’t want to wait on them so fitted it myself. Glad I did I was out of there before it got hot, they wanted the car all day. Went through Charles Darwin National park for some great views over the city and a look at all the ammunition bunkers in the hillside. Headed over to the aviation museum. This was fantastic, just a wealth of information, stories, artefacts and aircraft. There was such a wide variety from the huge b52 bomber, spitfires, helicopters and everything in between. Spent a good few hours there. Further into town and up to east point was the military museum. Once again, a massive range both quantity and variety. The information was detailed and very interesting. By this point I was really starting to be an expert on the bombing of Darwin in 42. From here I went to the old quanta’s hanger. This has survived the bombing and Tracy among other challenges. It is now being used by a classic car automotive club and they have many cars, trucks and bikes on display. Went to meet Wayne, the guys house I will be staying at over the weekend. Then down the the Mindil street markets, beachfront hotel for drinks and a burger for dinner. Walked along the beach for an hour at the cliffs while the sun was setting before returning home.

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