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Day 4- Karijini- Joffre gorge

Went for sunrise walk to Joffre gorge. Went to the lookout first and then did the gorge walk because it looked to good. Was epic as always in there. Did the rock skimming competition as I have always done, need to hit the back wall with the rock. No one there the entire time we were there, good fun. Headed to Dales gorge by mid morning. Took the Banjima road again, ad once again not bad at all. Best way to do dales (as I did), park at the fern pool car park, walk the upper rim first before descending into gorge. Circular pool lookout is great as the pool has been shut for a couple years so it is extra green and bushy. The walk in the lower gorge was very leisurely, not to hard but a river and plenty greenery running along it. Walked on past fortescue falls, I have never really thought they were that good. Probably because it is always packed with people sitting on the water fall. Went to fern pool instead for a swim, always as favourite as it stays very warm compared to the others. Swam under the water fall and sat on the rocks. Headed back to camp late afternoon. Had chilli con carne for dinner and headed to bed.

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