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Day 5- Karijini- Hammersely and Knox

Headed out to Hamersley in morning. About 1 hour drive from the eco retreat. Had a look at a free camp on the way, plenty of space and looked okay. For those who don’t know and are interested it is as you turn off to Hammersly road, only 15 minutes from eco retreat. There was another bareable free camp just after you turn in to the hammersly gorge. Dads mighty Camry got its first flat so swapped it over with the spare. Walked down in to hammersly, very steep but easy walk. Swam in small spa pool under waterfall that hammersly is known for. Didn’t do the big 100m swim, done it before and it was a little cold. Back back down the rocks, now wet, which was awesome as you can slide down the smooth rock face on your bum at speed. Had chips and solo for lunch and then laid in the sun for a while. On the way back I went to Knox. The descent in is extremely loose and steep, if there is any gorge at Karijini I would consider wearing shoes instead of thongs, it would be this one. Once your down the bottom it is a beautiful walk. Tomato mushroom pasta for dinner

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