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Day 8- Tunnel Creek- Mount Hart

First morning on the gibb was good one, although a little cold. Had weetbix with tea and packed up. Headed down to Tunnel creek, road opened as we got onto it so we were one of the first in there. Tunnel creek was very special with all the water from this unseasonal rainfall. 15-20m was the wide part, 10m of that you had to swim. Plus a couple of crocs. The rock formations and internal water falls were stunning. I have really done much cave activity before so this was really exciting. Unfortunately Windjana still shut, rangers stationed in there were fed up with people doing a sneaky. Left for mount hart, road in was 50km from the gibb, was very wet with plenty of river and creek crossings. Mount Hart was very flash although staff a bit pushy. Had sausages for dinner and a lick at the bar and off to bed.

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